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Nobody deserves to be insulted or belittled because of this.

I can’t believe someone can be called “stupid” or else just because he doesn’t like a film, a book or a character. Is the intellect summing up to this ? Just some foolish tastes ? Because, honestly, even if we love to support a fandom, whatever it is, it’s not vital. Who cares is someone doesn’t like your favourite character, your otp or your favourite book/film ? If our tastes aren’t a crime against humanity, well, WHO FUCKING CARES ? Is it possible to have an opinion here ? I don’t bring people down because they like something I don’t like, especially if they’re not agressive or rude, because I wouldn’t like someone do it to me. So, fuck it, we all should say whatever we want if it’s not cruel or intolerant, because it’s okay to have an opinion, even if it’s not the “main one”. If you think something, just say it, calmly, without being hurtful and those who doesn’t agree, just ignore it. It’s supposed to be an entertainment, not a world war. You’re not stupid because you like this or that : you are just being yourself.

Oh, and to avoid some “blah blah grammar, girl blah” : English isn’t my native langage. Just do your research before criticize someone’s English speaking. We try at least and those who say that maybe aren’t able to speak Portuguese, Spanish, Brazilian, Filipino, French, German, Polish, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Russian,… We do our best to understand and to be understood.

In conclusion : be tolerant. There is to many war out there to fight about details.

  1. menthess said: Agree with all my heart!
  2. ravenwitch said: I understand, some people are dumb, hateful fuckers. Don’t give them the honor of a reply. I love you <3
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